Sunday, August 22, 2010

Love this!

Tonight, I discovered Etsy Seller Signs Of Vintage!

I think I will be purchasing this sign for a gift for a friend of mine. I love it, but I live alone, so.........unless my 2 kitties and doggy become suddenly literate some day soon, it sort of doesn't make sense! BUT, I have a friend who will just swallow this sign whole!

Love it! PS, check out some of their other stuff. So cute! Click here to visit the shop!

Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Thank You, Target!

For $30, I have a brand new stylish purple lamp for my boudoir! And, I love the texture of the lampshade! It fits great with the other "fluffy" white textures in the room!


Oh, Martha!

Martha Stewart, you darned genius, you've done it again!

In college, you had me at "goodnight" with your bedding line at KMart! Then, you had me hook at Michael's craft store with your lovely seasonal and every day crafts!!! NOW, you have me at Home Depot with your new kitchen cabinet line! The only kitchen was newly renovated when I moved into my home & you're line is no use to me, but a girl can drool, no?!?!

I love the fresh, modern, yet traditional cottage feel of the line's preview photos on Martha's blog. Here are some of my favorite teasers!

Look at this! Martha, you devil, you! Organization and a dry-erase board tucked into a slim cabinet!!! Yay! We'll never misplace those scissors in a junk drawer again!

And, the vintage inspired bronze pulls......

Then, a understated set of shelves, framed by glass front cabinets! In love!

I may just have to sneak into Home Depot this fall and drool in real life!

Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Help me pick a quilt!

Time for a job!!! I've found two quilts that I love.....that are both in the right purple color family (I'm sticking with purple for awhile....) Comment below to help me determine the winner!

This is my bedroom now:

Option 1:

1. Target
2. 71.99
3. Two coordinating shams included

Option 2:
2. $59.99
3. 2 coordinating shams included