Wednesday, May 15, 2013

I'm done!

Today, I turned in my last final paper for my MEd at Harvard Graduate School of Education!


I feel blessed to have had this opportunity and experience. I will miss the Charles River bank that I called hom for 9 months. It will always hold a special place in my heart.

I shot these two photos last week when I was walking home from the gym...pretty nice view!

I owe this experience to:
-trusting other people when they believed in me.
-having the courage to take a risk
-knowing that this is my only life 

I'm looking forward to Commencement on May 30!

Wednesday, March 13, 2013

One Quarter of 2013...

Checking in to say, one quarter of 2013 is almost done, my 33rd birthday is a less than two weeks away, and I'm not super into reading the article I must complete for a class tomorrow!

So, here's how the the last few months have gone!

In January, I went to Disney World (my favorite place!) and the Presidential Inauguration! I'm continuing my tradition of taking photos of planks (my fave is the star plank, I think it photographs well!!!) at all of the landmarks I visit!

Epcot Center

We arrived around 6 am in Washington DC and visited all of the monuments before the ceremonies began! It was great to be in that wonderful city surrounded be part of an event as grand as an inauguration!

Then, Nemo came in February and shut everybody down for about 48 hours. We got almost 3 feet of snow in the Boston Area. 

And, many Cambridge residents & businesses didn't do too much to clean the sidewalks, walking to and from campus became quite an adventure!

Then, I traveled home to see my #1 girl, Callie, and she was happy as always!

We picked up balloons for a party and she was NOT thrilled about sitting with the ballons, so she got upgraded to first class. 

Last week, I went to a school in the North End of Boston and stopped by to snap this photo of the Paul Revere statue in a snow storm. The Old North Church ("one if by land, two if by sea") is in the background. As a history teacher, I love being around these historical landmarks!

Today, I was reminded that in exactly 8 weeks, my studies will be done and that May 30 Commencement date will be soon approaching. 

I will be returning to the classroom because I miss it too much not to return. Maybe someday, I will extend myself into other areas of school leadership or even education policy, but for right now, I miss everything I love about teaching...

Saturday, January 5, 2013

"Go Kit"

This is my "go kit" for's not my entire toiletry supply when traveling, but it's small and light and fits in most of my "walk around" bags when on the airplane or touring.

I got the little pink case from Target a few years ago and it was only a few dollars.


Medicines: decongestant (a must for air travel for me!), Advil, Imodium, band aids. Also, I keep a few packets of emergency and I always have one on the plane and like to have a few handy in case I start to feel under the weather. Lastly, I have "ear planes" in case the cabin pressure is too much for my ears.

Next: pocket sized nail file, hand cream, anti bacterial gel, tampons, Amazing Grace perfume, Chapstick, hair elastic, bobby pins, and Listerine breath spray.

When I return from a trip, this bad boy goes right back into my closet!

What do you keep in your go kit?

Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Some thoughts on paint...

Here are some thoughts on paint.....

I've painted my whole house, every room, from one time to another.(and my old house) I've used Behr, Valspar, BM, SW, and Glidden. 

Behr (Home Depot): Thin, thin, thin. If you love a color, get it in BM or SW. I used the premium paint for my spare room (striped one) and it was just like using plain BM. 

Valspar (Lowes): thin, thin, thin. I had to do FOUR coats of white to cover a pale blue in my bathroom. FOUR coats. I could understand if it had been a dark color I was trying to cover, but it was baby blue and I STILL see pieces of blue come through in places when I'm in my bathroom. Someday, maybe this summer, I'll do another coat of higher quality white paint. Thank GOD it was on a gift card! 

Sherwin WilliamsW: I like Sherwin Williams, BUT it was actually a little too thick for me....

Glidden: A little thicker than Behr and I liked the way it covered in two coats. I did my bedroom in Glidden.

Benjamin Moore: Ahhhh, love it. I did my living room in BM. LOVED it. It was smooth, the roller and cutting brush strokes blended nicely and two coats covered evenly without looking thin or too thick.


And, I don't really love the whole "primer built into the paint" trend that's going down these days. You can't beat a good caot of Kilz primer (oil based for wood projects and latex for regular wall work) followed by two even coats of paint. I hope that helps!

For the most part, paint finishes are dependent on the space you plan to paint! I tend to stick with eggshell or satin finishes for bedrooms, living rooms, and dining rooms. For the kitchen and bathroom, you want to stick to a semi-gloss or gloss finish so the wall is washable.