Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Not Knotty Pine!?!

No, not for me....

It was a tough decision to redo the knotty pine walls in my 3rd bedroom of my new home. It's the only room with paneling and it's the smallest...go figure! I want the room to be my home office/creative zone....I need a place to grade papers and do some lesson planning as well as make the many crafty things I enjoy!

So, lots of people came into my house saying how much they loved the pine, "It's like a ski lodge!" they'd say......or they'd say "Do you know how expensive that was when they put that up!?" or "Wood is sacred, you can't paint that!" But, hey, it's my house and I was totally not feeling the wood!

The process began.....let me preface this with that I didn't use regulation sunglasses had to do since i forgot to buy goggles. Also, I've NEVER ever done a paint effect before. This was my first try and it was pretty easy and it was actually the easiest step of the process! The priming was the hardest because the primer is thick and was tough to get into the grooves between each panel.

1. Sand w/ rotary sander. PS, wear goggles & much dust. I didn't wear a mask at first and I was suffocating and blinding myself (saw dust stuck in my eyelashes!!)

2. CLEAN up all of the saw dust!!!

3. Prime the walls with an oil-based primer. The wood soaks it up better than latex. It stinks. You will be high. Wear a mask here as well! Keep the room ventilated as best as possible. I did 2 coats of primer. The toughest part about priming was the fact that I had to use brush to get into the tongue & groove joints between each panel. AYE!!! I also primed the baseboard, crown moulding, door frames and doors.

4. Then, I did a coat of Sherwin Williams "Medici Ivory" which was a real classic ivory that reminded me of French Vanilla ice cream as I was painting. I only needed one coat.

5. Then, I mixed a quart of Glidden's "Soft Suede" paint with a half a gallon of clean glaze. (in a separate mixing bucket)

6. I used a wispy brush & very little paint to apply burts of the paint/glaze mix. Then, I brushed until the brush was dry and then wiped the color around in inconsistent locations....thicker coverage in others, more bare & translucent in others. This went fairly quick---I was done with this step in about 20 mins!

**This is what it looked like after I had finished the paint effect, but still had to do the moldings..

7. Paint the trim other white moldings w/ 2 coats of semi-gloss white. Also, I will be painting all of my interior doors white eventually, but this room is getting the ball rolling! I painted the closet door white on both sides and left the hallway door wood on the hall side for now--so I don't have one white door in the hall for a month until I get the courage to start that project.....I'm all set w/ painting right now! Do you see how my doggy is so sad I'm in here painting all day!!

8. Done! (I have to have someone come over 7 help me remount the doors and then move a furniture into the room, so until then, the room is "done" but not decorated.)

Before & After!!


  1. I definitely like it better painted: It reminds me of the old white-washing that people did on the wood paneling.

  2. Wow! What a big change! It is so much brighter and welcoming with the new paint.

    Good on you for completing that big project.