Saturday, July 18, 2009

Project Organize!

I'm weird. I'm organized about certain places....for instance, my linen closet is very car, a mess!

Oh well!

My small ranch house has one hallway closet....Eventually, I would like to take out the shelves that are in this closet and install a more modern shelving system with hanging drawers, etc. But, for right now, a quick coat of paint was the only thing in the budget!

Before: The poor little closet had disgusting shelf liner paper on each shelf and a really bad musty smell. I was scared to even put my nice white towels on the shelves! So, I ripped the paper off, primed with an oil-based primer & then followed up with one coat of Sherwin Williams' Dover White. The primer really helped wipe all of the stains away!

After: Clean and safe for my towels and other things! The brown canvas bins are from Bed, Bath & Beyond, they were left over from my laundry room in my old house. Eventually, I'd like to switch them out for 2 bins that would fit side by side, but for now, these work...the top shelf is filled w/ home fragrance and wallflower (Bath & Body Works) refills. (I used to work there part-time and I have TONS of product from there! It's almost embarrassing!); I also have a smaller plastic bin of travel size beauty products, so they're easy to find when I'm going away for a night or weekend.

The bottom of the closet: I used the Rubbermaid drawers for extra hand soaps, body products, and hair products. Extra toilet paper & paper towels in the bin above that.


  1. I love the idea of using bins to organize beauty and home products!! I mentioned to my fiance that I was hoping to find bins short enough to fit on the shelves in our bathroom linen closet and he said he thought it sounded like a bad idea... How in the world could he think bins holding all my junk would look worse than all my junk scattered out for everyone to see? Boys...

  2. Oonafey----boys, yes, they are silly! Just do it one day and have him come home to it--he'll be a believer then!