Thursday, July 16, 2009

New Life for Old Furniture!

Before: The guest room w/ the two old nightstands...(dresser is on opposing wall....I didn't take a before shot...oops!)

This bedroom set was my great aunt & uncle's in the 1950s and 60s....then, they handed in down to my parents. My parents used it from 1972 to about sat in our basement for a long time and my sister and I grabbed peices of it to use in random apartments over the next few years. When my Ex and I got our first apartment together, we used the whole set and then brought it to our house.

Well, when I bought my new place, I decided to treat myself to some brand new bedroom furniture (see my bedroom pics in a previous post). This set is now in my spare bedroom. My mom said "Give it a new life!" and I did.

Yesterday was a gorgeous day, so I brought everything out to the deck and started sanding, priming, and painting. There is one more piece to this set that I didn't redo (a long dresser) but I think I will one day paint this a darker color and make it a storage piece for my finished basement.

Some of the drawers are falling apart, so I got out the wood glue and made some repairs to those. The paint color was Sherwin Williams, Ivory Lace, in semi-gloss. I used an oil-based primer as this is the best for wood. After applying the primer, I only needed to do one coat.
Sanded & Primed:
In Progress:

Done!!! Now, the hard part....putting all of the crap back into the drawers! I guess this is a perfect opportunity for me to purge some old clothes!?!

My big question--see how there are grooves under the drawers to put your fingers it to open the drawers....even though those are there, could I add knobs? What do you think--answer in the comments area. I'm totally stuck on this one!


  1. Yes, I think drawer pulls on the dresser would look great (maybe crystal pulls?). You have such a cute house! I wish I had half the talent you do. I'm not good with a paint brush.

  2. Much better! Great job! Gorgeous space for guests! :)

  3. Yes! Crystal knobs would be perfect! Especially since you have the glass candle holders and the silver lamp, they would go well together. Great job!

  4. Found you from Young House Love, I definitely think you should do pulls, but instead of crystal pulls, I would do something funky and colorful from Anthropologie or Hobby Lobby. Much more fun :-)


  5. I think pulls would look better than knobs and would be more functional since the drawers are so long. It all looks great!