Tuesday, July 14, 2009

I can do it!

So....in the last 2 months of being the sole resident of my home, I have learned that not only can I envision home decor & maintenance, but I can pretty much make it a reality all by myself!!!

Things I've done for the first time or learned in last two months:
  • Mowed my lawn for the first time w/ a push mower! When I was a kid, I grew up on a huge property and we had a riding mower. I mowed the lawn all the time for my family. However, once my ex and I bought a home, he did all of the mowing and yardwork because he enjoyed it. He said the mower was really heavy to push & I probably couldn't do it.....Uh, wrong! I mow and I love it!

  • I can hook up a washer & dryer! I installed a new lint vent for the dryer and hooked up the washer all by myself. I had to use a wrench to pry off the old owners' cold & hot water tubing from the hookups, but after some prying, I did it!

  • I painted my a good portion house's interior in one week! (well, excluding touchup & 2 rooms of the 5 rooms!) In our home together, my ex and I painted together and he insisted upon doing all of the cutting in, especially the ceiling (Which he always messed up....) and now, I am an awesome painter! I do even cutting lines across the ceiling and trim. And, with the help of an adjustable roller, who needs to be over 5'2!?!?

  • I met my new friends: the drill, electric screwdrive, and level.......I love them. I find myself searching for things to install now!!! I was a curtain rod up--boom, I do it! I want a new shelf up--boom, I do it! Love you drill, screwdriver, and level! (oh and your friend pencil!)

  • My next mission is to learn how to do some basic electrical work: installing dimmers and changing out light fixtures.

I'm sure the list will grow!!!!!!!


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