Monday, January 17, 2011

I want to paint this me!

So, my spare room is blue. The sellers painted it this. It was a fresh coat of paint and I decided that I could live with it because I was painting three other rooms.

Now, I'm ready for change......

Part of me wants to go bright and expressive---a bright Kelly green or soft violet. Part of me wants to go very soft and feminine.....with a creamy color, but then again, my office is creamy and my bedroom is "Sand White"........

What do you think!?!?! I am going to keep the white bedding for now.

Monday, January 3, 2011

I'm not proud....#2

......of this cabinet!

It *is* one of the coolest features of my cool kitchen (see earlier post about how much I love my kitchen!), BUT because I don't bake a lot, a lot of these items go by the wayside during the day to day grind. I typically pull out these Pyrex dishes, etc when I'm cooking Thanksgiving dishes, etc.....I also keep my toaster down here because I don't use it all of the time and I don't want the exbut anyway, I decided that during my winter break from school (between Christmas and New Year's) I should start the year with some more organized closets and cabinets!

Before: (apparently, I throw stuff in old ratty towel? a bag I of things to return to TJMaxx? My lunch tote? Where is the baking stuff!!?)


Sunday, January 2, 2011

Why I Love My Kitchen....

When I was cruising for new homes, I was in a very surreal and fragile state. It was about 3 weeks after the breakup of my marriage and I was just in a state of utter and absolute shock. However, after it was determined that neither me or my ex would stay in our old home and we would put it on the market to sell, I needed to explore my options.

One of the things I didn't want was a COMPLETE fixer-upper because in the spring of 2009, the housing market sure was a buyer's market, and I knew if I explored enough, I'd find something modest, but yet had minor updates to make it "livable" for me. Let's face it, I didn't have the financial or DIY resources to do a major kitchen renovation! (Nor do I have the handy dad who can whittle a kitchen out of a single piece of wood!)

The MLS photos for my home showed these two pictures of the kitchen and I immediately booked an appointment to see this house! I went once with just my realtor, then that afternoon, begged my mom to come back with me and the realtor for a second viewing. By the end of the next day, the offer was in and on my 29th birthday, I had a Purchase & Sale for a new home!

MLS Photos:

I couldn't believe it! I had 2 more months in my "old" married home, a home that had meant so much to me, with a kitchen that we bought all new professional grade appliances for, installed new lighting, and redid the countertops with quartz! I looooooved my old kitchen and now I had to leave....but now, I had a new place that everyday, I walk in to my kitchen in yet another home that means so much to me, and I think, "I love my kitchen!"

So, here's the tour...

The cabinets are creamy white with a light almond glaze over them. They are solid wood and the drawers have the soft touch closure. Ah!! This trumps old kitchen for sure! I love white kitchens! Also, the countertops sort of look like they are granite! It's actually a shiny laminate countertop that looks like stone. Fooled me in the MLS pics, but in real life, it actually looks very nice. I think granite would actually be "over improving" for my neighborhood of modest ranches and cape style homes.

I love the corner cabinet with a window. I added little touches of yellow and white dishes, salt & pepper shakers, and vases to coordinate with the yellow walls. Sometimes, some red dishes peak out too, but apparently, not today when I shot this photo! I keep the kitties' fresh water fountain over here in the corner alongside of my Kitchen Aid mixer (which I must confess, I've only used 3 times in 2 years.....I don't bake too much!) Um, also, do you notice the uber storage!!! I use the top two sets of cabinet to the right of the window unit for utilities. The one of the left contains tools and other household tools. The set on the right are office supplies.

Next to the fridge is a sliding built-in spice cabinet! LOOOOOVE this!! This trumps old kitchen bigtime!

To the left of the fridge is another slim cabinet for cookie sheets, pans, drying racks, and other large size cooking items.

The angled cabinet is where I keep the animals' food. In fact, you can see Wilson is pointing out his food for me, "feed me, please, mom...." My kitty cat can open this cabinet. He opens it and meows at me as if to say, "mom, here's the food, I'll get it started, you do the rest. MOM!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!"

I also love the sliding drawers inside the bottom cabinets:

Last but not least, I love this corner unit that leads into the rest of the house. I store medicine here. It makes Advil, cold meds, and more very accessible! This also TRUMPS old kitchen!

While I loved my old kitchen, I think I love this one more! Hmmm, maybe I'll feel that way about a man someday too! I loved my ex-husband, but I think I may love someone new more someday!

PS, whenever I entertain or have people over, they always compliment my kitchen! They love it too!!! Ah, the love!


Saturday, January 1, 2011

Christmas Decor Storage

How do you store your Christmas stuff!?!?!

Here are some "solutions" new & old from me....

1. I keep the boxes! The ornament boxes come in handy for storage for the fragile glass ones. This is super crucial and makes packing them up easy. They're pretty safe inside these boxes! AND, I kept the tree box that my tree came (I think most people do this, yes!?! I'm no genius?! Darn it!)

2. I wrap loose ornaments in paper towels, then tightly pack them into old shoeboxes.

3. I have a plastic bin of miscellaneous Christmas decor and candles. These are the items I mix & match for my shelf in my living room, end tables, and more. I also store candles with scents of the season (What, you don't burn your fresh balsam candle in July!?) in this bin too for next year.

4. I bought this handy-dandy wreath storage bin from Target after Christmas for $6. My best friend's mom made me this lovely wreath a few years ago and I put it up on my door every year!

5. I also bought this wrapping paper container at Target for $6. Well, the bulk rolls are too long (whatever, Target!!!), but I've stores my shorter rolls, gift bags, and tissue paper in here for next year's Christmas hooplah!


Just was wandering the web and found these lovely little biddies that would look even more lovely if I had them in my living room!!!! ha ha!

For right now, they look great on-paper!