Monday, January 3, 2011

I'm not proud....#2

......of this cabinet!

It *is* one of the coolest features of my cool kitchen (see earlier post about how much I love my kitchen!), BUT because I don't bake a lot, a lot of these items go by the wayside during the day to day grind. I typically pull out these Pyrex dishes, etc when I'm cooking Thanksgiving dishes, etc.....I also keep my toaster down here because I don't use it all of the time and I don't want the exbut anyway, I decided that during my winter break from school (between Christmas and New Year's) I should start the year with some more organized closets and cabinets!

Before: (apparently, I throw stuff in old ratty towel? a bag I of things to return to TJMaxx? My lunch tote? Where is the baking stuff!!?)


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