Saturday, January 1, 2011

Christmas Decor Storage

How do you store your Christmas stuff!?!?!

Here are some "solutions" new & old from me....

1. I keep the boxes! The ornament boxes come in handy for storage for the fragile glass ones. This is super crucial and makes packing them up easy. They're pretty safe inside these boxes! AND, I kept the tree box that my tree came (I think most people do this, yes!?! I'm no genius?! Darn it!)

2. I wrap loose ornaments in paper towels, then tightly pack them into old shoeboxes.

3. I have a plastic bin of miscellaneous Christmas decor and candles. These are the items I mix & match for my shelf in my living room, end tables, and more. I also store candles with scents of the season (What, you don't burn your fresh balsam candle in July!?) in this bin too for next year.

4. I bought this handy-dandy wreath storage bin from Target after Christmas for $6. My best friend's mom made me this lovely wreath a few years ago and I put it up on my door every year!

5. I also bought this wrapping paper container at Target for $6. Well, the bulk rolls are too long (whatever, Target!!!), but I've stores my shorter rolls, gift bags, and tissue paper in here for next year's Christmas hooplah!

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