Wednesday, March 13, 2013

One Quarter of 2013...

Checking in to say, one quarter of 2013 is almost done, my 33rd birthday is a less than two weeks away, and I'm not super into reading the article I must complete for a class tomorrow!

So, here's how the the last few months have gone!

In January, I went to Disney World (my favorite place!) and the Presidential Inauguration! I'm continuing my tradition of taking photos of planks (my fave is the star plank, I think it photographs well!!!) at all of the landmarks I visit!

Epcot Center

We arrived around 6 am in Washington DC and visited all of the monuments before the ceremonies began! It was great to be in that wonderful city surrounded be part of an event as grand as an inauguration!

Then, Nemo came in February and shut everybody down for about 48 hours. We got almost 3 feet of snow in the Boston Area. 

And, many Cambridge residents & businesses didn't do too much to clean the sidewalks, walking to and from campus became quite an adventure!

Then, I traveled home to see my #1 girl, Callie, and she was happy as always!

We picked up balloons for a party and she was NOT thrilled about sitting with the ballons, so she got upgraded to first class. 

Last week, I went to a school in the North End of Boston and stopped by to snap this photo of the Paul Revere statue in a snow storm. The Old North Church ("one if by land, two if by sea") is in the background. As a history teacher, I love being around these historical landmarks!

Today, I was reminded that in exactly 8 weeks, my studies will be done and that May 30 Commencement date will be soon approaching. 

I will be returning to the classroom because I miss it too much not to return. Maybe someday, I will extend myself into other areas of school leadership or even education policy, but for right now, I miss everything I love about teaching...

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