Saturday, January 5, 2013

"Go Kit"

This is my "go kit" for's not my entire toiletry supply when traveling, but it's small and light and fits in most of my "walk around" bags when on the airplane or touring.

I got the little pink case from Target a few years ago and it was only a few dollars.


Medicines: decongestant (a must for air travel for me!), Advil, Imodium, band aids. Also, I keep a few packets of emergency and I always have one on the plane and like to have a few handy in case I start to feel under the weather. Lastly, I have "ear planes" in case the cabin pressure is too much for my ears.

Next: pocket sized nail file, hand cream, anti bacterial gel, tampons, Amazing Grace perfume, Chapstick, hair elastic, bobby pins, and Listerine breath spray.

When I return from a trip, this bad boy goes right back into my closet!

What do you keep in your go kit?

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