Sunday, November 21, 2010

New roof, dead lawn....

The new roof was put on about 3 weeks ago!

Also, the spring time plan is to paint the house a warm mocha color, black shudders, and white trim.

Here is my old rusty brown colored roof:

And, new roof!!! The color is called "Driftwood" and they are architectural shingles.

My once lush lawn turned to crab grass and is now dead and gross. I think next year, I'll be throwing money at this problem and having a lawn service rip up my top layer of lawn and just start my lawn fresh! I guess it is the end of November, the grass does have a right to die at this point I suppose.....


  1. I hope that you can restore your lawn to its former glory. It would look pretty with your new roof. Your house reminds me our childhood home back in our hometown in Alabama. It's very nostalgic..

  2. That bluer color definitely looks better than the previous brown one. It makes the white of your walls pop. It lends a very contemporary feel to the house. And using architectural shingles was a great choice. They’re going to be a great point of conversation for your guests.

  3. Nice! I like the color of your new roof. But I think your house would look better if your lawn is as green as it was in the previous photos. Anyway, you got really nice taste when it comes to color. Great job! =)

  4. That’s a cool new roof! Joanne has a point though. There are a lot of benefits that can come from having a house garden. Aside from adding aesthetic design, it has health benefits also. The therapeutic act of gardening, and seeing more greenery in your place, could help you relax and relieve stress.

    Nelson Kamaka

    1. Nelson, this is almost two years old. Please see an updated photo here:

  5. I share Rodney’s sentiments about the color. I think the blue actually gave more life to the exterior of your home. I saw the updated pictures as well in the post you mentioned above, and I think the blue goes really great with your lush lawn. The green of the grass really brings out the rich blueness of the roof.