Monday, March 28, 2011

Online Dating......How you know he's NOT the one to email....

Ha ha ha.....this should be fun!

PS, these reasons below are mainly why I have not had one date in 6 weeks.....

1. All of his photos are self-portraits. He has no real photos at real social occassions.
2. Not only are all of his photos self-portraits, they are taken with a camera phone in the mirror of his bathroom.
3. Said self-portraits are shirtless.
4. He says "NO CRAZIES!!!!!" in his bio.
5. He's laying on his back looking longingly up at his laptop's webcam for yet another self-portrait.
6. He does have a real photo in a real social setting, but he's got both arms wrapped around scantily clad women who may or may not be drunk.
7. Or, his photo in #6 is posing with Hooters girls.
8. You can tell how he's aged through the years based on his 5 photos, with the earliest ones he has hair in and there are some where there's definitely been 5 years of hair loss in between.
9. Every photo is of him drunk. Really drunk.
10. He has only photos of landscapes he's visited while traveling or just his pets--not in front of the landscapes, not with his pets....
11. He's taken a paint tool from Photoshop and colored over his ex girlfriend or ex wife's face---and a bad coloring in at that---didn't anyone learn to color within the lines?
12. One of his profile photos is a definite wedding or engagement photo with the wife cropped out.
13. More to come.....!

Hope you enjoyed! I'm coming to the realization that........a good one is hard to fine!

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