Sunday, October 9, 2011

Shutters are up and it's done-zo!

Finally, my shutters are up and the exterior of the house is done. From 2 years ago to now!

New paint (Brown Tee Pee by Behr; New shutters (; new lighting from Lowes; 

Before: (2 years ago)

My fall yard plan is to trim a lot of of the shrubs and two large trees in front of the house and that's that!


  1. I've seen your post about it (, and I can say that you’ve done a very good job in restoring its lovely self! The color of your roof complements your very walls very well. The choice of shade made the house look very modern. PS: Your yard is a champ! Anyway, it’s been months since you posted this, are there any recent home improvements? =)

  2. The new color of the custom shutters are much better now. I love the contrast. Your house looks more attractive now. Great decision!