Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Some good finds: End Tables!

So, I my coffee table & tv stand are the Rhys series by Pottery Barn. I bought these with gift cards and some other gifts money from my wedding. Fortunately, the furniture lasted longer than my marriage (ha ha ha!). One thing is for sure---furniture will never lie & cheat!!! Unfortunately, I cannot afford to buy the matching end tables from the series on my own, but I thought going too matchy matchy would be bad anyway, right? So, I found two end tables that I thought would match nicely due to their similar wood finish and style.

Here they are!

First one is from Target. It was $79.

Second one is from Home Goods for $59 & I love that it has drawers! I thought it was the perfect end table/by the front door table (dual purpose, woo!) because in the winter, I can store gloves, etc in here and just keep my coat closet more organized.

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