Monday, September 21, 2009

Fall Decor...

Fall is my favorite season....I love the crisp, cool, and dry air (mainly cuz I have good hair days! lol) and I love the scents!!! Oooooh, I love burning apple, pumpkin, and harvest scented candles all day long during the fall!

If you recall, I don't have a fireplace, but I love the look of a decorated mantle. So, over the summer, I installed a 6 foot shelf from Ikea (the Lack® series at a GREAT $29.99 each!) and it is sort of my makeshift "mantle." (PS, I just looked up the spelling of mantle and I guess it can also be mantel! Cool!)

Anyway, I wasn't thrilled with decorating with yellows, oranges, and reds for the fall season in my living room since it's bright greens, yellows, and magenta/pinks...So, I went with a green apple, white, and nature-inspired look. Here is the finished product:

Everything, including the apothecary jar fillers (which I made into a mixture of plain green apples, birch bark, and pine cones were bought as separates), except for the little green bird (Pier 1), clock (Pier 1), and white vase (Ikea), was all purchased at Homegoods.

Close up views:

That's it for now!!!

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  1. It looks wonderful! I love the colors you chose, very nice with the existing decor!