Monday, September 28, 2009

Operation Organization!

Let me preface by saying: I'm not a neat person at the core. Because staying neat & tidy isn't really my strong point (I have a tendency to just leave things everywhere), I have to be rather diligent at putting things back where they belong. These systems have helped me!

So, today I took some time to revamp my organization in my hall closet. It wasn't terribly messy, but it was certainly time for an overhaul and some more tools to keep me organized. I purchased the tall & skinny rubbermaid drawer organizer recently and today finally filled it up. I labeled the drawers & sorted all of the toiletries into their respective locations. Here are the final results.

Oops! Labels a little crooked! Oh well!
Another project I did after moving into my new home: my necklace system. I did this in my old home & found it was sooo helpful in figuring out what necklace to do with my outfits (I keep earrings in a separate hanging system in the closet next to the necklaces). I have to constantly remind myself about putting necklaces back in their correct locations at the end of each day. (I used those Rubbermaid double-sticky safe removal hooks & organized by color with the necklaces).

What are you organization tips & systems!?!? Share!


  1. I love the way you've organized you necklaces! The last house we lived in had a tie rack inside a closet door and I hung my necklaces on it. I haven't even unpacked my jewelry in the new house, having nowhere to put it - I will have to try something like this.

  2. Oonafey,

    It has worked so well for me! I used to throw all of my necklaces into a drawer. They would tangle and get all kinked up. Now, it's so easy to find something. When I think in my head "Oh blue & gold beaded" I can find it immediately!

    I used the inside of the closet door in my spare room.

  3. Hey girl, just wanted to answer your question- we got our couches from a local furniture place that was going out of business.