Monday, June 28, 2010

More summer blooms!

This year, I took a chance and planted some bulbs! I've never planted bulbs before, even if my florals were perennials, I planted ones that were already in bloom and in pots from local nurseries. However, a more affordable (and gratifying!) option was to plant some bulbs!

Well, my lilies came up and one bloomed this past Saturday morning! Oh my, I love the rich pink color of the lily!!! WOW! I cannot wait to see this lily develop and spread out in my garden over time. Next year, more stalks should come back.

I also planted gladiolus bulbs (a lot of them!!!). Come to find out, my grandmother used to plant a lot of these too when my mom was growing up---I guess we have the same taste! So, the stalks are up, but no blooms yet....As of June 27, this is how they look. I will update as the grow!

This is how gladiolus look and they come in every color imaginable!!! I don't remember what colors mine will be---some of my bulb packets were just assorted colors. I know I grabbed a bunch of red ones too!

These are my stalks right now:

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