Sunday, October 10, 2010

Deck Makeover!

So, my deck was just a deck---no idea how old it was, but man, it looked like if I didn't do a stain/water seal to it this year, one more year of water damage and snow would lead to its ultimate decay and wood rot. It seemed like a pivotal time in my deck's life!

I hired my dad to make use of my parents' smallish power washer and he went to town on the deck. I could not BELIEVE how gross the deck was! Check out this pic of the railing in progress of being cleaned! (the clean part is on the left!) EW! Kiss mildew & dirt goodbye!!!!

The deck after power washing:

Progress pic (stain is a one-step semi transparent w/ water seal built in from Home Depot; 2 gallons at $32 each). Staining the spindles was the most tedious and time-consuming part....

Application done & stain is drying (you can still see the brush strokes on the wet stain....) 4.5 hours later.....

Final madeover deck: To be posted!


  1. Oh my gosh! Great job! And woo-hoo for power washers. I just scrubbed down my wood patio furniture by hand and the mildrew was disgusting. Never thought to use our power washer.

  2. Yeah, staining the spindles is really hard. It even caused me muscle pains the night after. >.< It’s a semi-transparent stain you’ve used, at the very least. You wouldn’t have to worry about uneven coat, since patchy application can add charm. ;) Have you re-stained in the past two years?

  3. It’s a good thing that you decided to perform a general cleaning on your wooden deck. When was the last time you power washed it? Also, you should be thankful for your dad for helping you make your deck look fresh and clean again. You can see how a simple work can make things beautiful. Even though you only stained it, it still gave you a shimmering result! :)

  4. You saved your deck just in time! I agree that a year more of damage might've caused its eventual decay. It would be a shame since you have quite a spacious platform there! If you do the sealing and cleaning, once a year, I'm sure you can enjoy years of good days on your outdoor space. :D