Saturday, October 30, 2010

Presto Changeo Loo!

I was bored with my black and white scheme in my bathroom......I needed a pop of color...maybe all of the apple candles I've been burning for the fall season have been subliminally making me yearn for a rich flash of red in my bathroom!

Anyway, here is the old look--well, semi-old look. Originally, I had a white shower curtain w/ a few black stripes at the bottom of it, but my two cats (who are primarily white) and my golden retriever go in and out of my bathroom--they especially like to linger around me when I get ready for work in the morning--- and the hair just stuck to it and then it was on the black bath rugs too.

I ditched the black bath mats about 6 months ago because of the major cat and dog hair that would accumulate on them in just a few days!!! So, I grabbed a plain white curtain and grey rugs.....they were okay, but a bit boring.

Now, this all started with a random trip to Kohl's and then a stroll through the bathdecor department. I found this shower curtain with white, grey, and black on it--perfect for my bathroom and then a flash of red! Awesome! And, it was on sale! (what's NOT on sale at Kohl's?!?)

The accent rugs are Thomas O'Brien from Target and were on sale too!


  1. Nice!!

    That is a great shower curtain. I love it. I need to remember to check out Kohls for decor. That place has great deals.


  2. LOVE that shower curtain! Looks great!