Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Lights worth a look!

Overstock.com has some really cool lights! (That site has everything, man! I mean, where else could you find a watch, a light, a tent, a jumperoo for your toddler, and a new sheet for your bed!)

I thought these chandeliers under $160 were inventive ways to add some flair to one's home without going too overboard on price or style. (click on the pics to a link to its page on Overstock.com)

1. Five light rectangular glass for $139.99:
2. "Rose" design metalwork pendant for $129.99:

3. Nickle chandelier for $149.99

4. Copper & Glass pendant for $159.99:

5. Antique Copper Lantern-Style pendant for $139.99:

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