Sunday, April 29, 2012

When you want to procrastinate: organize a closet!

Tonight, I tore apart my hall closet's storage bins and shelves to avoid grading some tests (#I'llregretthistomorrow).

I learned a few things:
1. I hold onto half used bottles of body lotion WAY too long.
2. I have a phobia of throwing out perfumes/lotions/body scrubs/etc. that come in gift sets that I have received from family & friends on holidays. If I don't like the scent, I just shove it into the closet and pretend it's not there. I'm bringing them into school and putting them in the faculty bathroom so someone can benefit!
3. I have A TON of travel size toothpastes and flosses!
4. Pet hair somehow finds its way into the closet?
5. I have enough Wallflowers (Bath & Body Works) refills to last 4-5 years.
6. I have enough tampons to last 1-2 years (see the photo of all of the boxes!)

I ended up throwing out this:

And, ending up with this--a  much less cluttered version of what was there before. Next to the brown bins on the second and third shelves, I had clear rubbermaid bins that I hadn't opened in a year....maybe 2. So, I knew it was time to purge.

I had these rubbermaid drawer organizers already but now they contain much less! Purged everything I don't see myself using in the foreseeable future!

 Happy organizing!

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  1. I do this same thing when I'm trying to avoid schoolwork! Actually, to avoid correcting papers I'll do just about anything.
    I was in Harvard Sq. last week and I was thinking of your blog post about doing your Master's program at Harvard and how exciting that must be! I went to Cambridge College for my Master's and they have a partnership with Harvard to use their library. It's a lovely area. I live nearby and would love to meet for a cup of coffee or to explore the neighborhood while you're up here.