Sunday, July 8, 2012

How to make use of that hollow door!

So, I have old hollow 1950s doors in my house. I only have one hallway closet and I wanted to make more use of the space by using a over-the-door shoe rack. I hate using the actual over-the-door hooks because the door never closes cleanly and they gauge the trim. I researched and learned that they make special anchors for hollow doors---yes!

I grabbed a packet of these from Lowe's for a few dollars and a 5/16 drill bit from my dad's toolbox.

Here is the door:

The lovely anchors:

First, I used the over-the-door hooks to place the rack and used a pencil to mark the holes. Then, I drilled the holes and inserted all of the anchors:

Then, I place the shoe rack up against the holes/achors and threaded the screws through the mounting holes rack and screwed into place (the screw heads are larger than the holes).

All done and ready to go!

Easy 5-10 minute project!!!

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