Sunday, October 7, 2012

A month at Harvard....

So, it's been a month so far and things are going great! I've settled into my temporary home in Cambridge, have met some wonderful people and made a few new friends, and have been thoroughly enjoying my courses and how much I'm learning about the world of education!

Here are some photos from my journey so far!!!

Orientation begins!

First day of classes!

Harvard Yard

Even though I've been a Sox fan forever and had already given up on them for the season, a random person walking by my friend and I at an outdoor bar gave us tickets to a game because she couldn't attend! How could you say no??

Shots from a run on the Charles!

A star side plank on the John Harvard statue! 
(Yes, I cleaned my hands afterwards!!! I guess people pee on it!)

Fall foliage outside my building!

And here are some shots of my room and bathroom, decorated just enough to make me happy and not break my bank on things that aren't permanent! The vinyl wall decals were already there from the previous tenant, so they matched my West Elm bedding perfectly so I kept them up there! And, the four mirrors in the second shot were leftovers too....left those up as well!


And just a great quotation from an article that I think all teachers would love!

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