Thursday, July 1, 2010

Capiz, please........

Oh wow, I love capiz chandeliers! I want one!!!!!

Anyway, they range from faux capiz and very affordable to real and slightly affordable and then, very expensive (AKA, unaffordable for TEM!)

Here are some lovelies from all price ranges!

Faux Capiz

19.99 (

Real Capiz $129 (Pottery Barn Teen)
This baby also comes in a teal blue combo; pink/red combo.

$259, Real Capiz (West Elm)

$259, Real Capiz and another gem by West Elm

OR, grab the above chandelier in a NEW color, a grey capiz----ooooo, lah lah!

Or, enrich your space with this RICH choice by for.....wait for it......wait for it.....$1,395 + $160 for shipping!

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