Tuesday, July 13, 2010

READ these two fantastic books NOW!

I am here today to share with you two novels that I have read recently that I just absolutely loved!!! I wanted to post about them because I don't think their authors are very famous, and these two ladies deserve a little public praise! Both books are actually pretty short--about 300 pages--and read very easily. The authors are smart and insightful, but have amazing voices and humor!

Time Of My Life, Allison Winn Scotch:
In this book, the main character, Jill, goes to get a massage and suddenly winds up back in time 7 years. Suddenly, she is still dating a boyfriend who today, she looks back and considers him "the one that got away". But, is her memory of him romanticized? Was he truly that great? Also, she is back hanging with her very good friend, who we know had been killed in a car accident. Now, Jill has a second chance to spend time with her friend whose life was cut too short. While reading the book, I couldn't help but think of Doc and the Flux Capacitor (Back to the Future) and the Space Time Continuum!!! Sometimes I wondered if a small action would create an alternative continuum of time--you'll have to see what happens!!!!!! It was a fun read and I could not put it down!! You will enjoy!!! PS, this book has been sold to he Weinstein Company to develop it into a motion picture!!!

Secrets to Happiness, Sarah Dunn.
A friend bought me this book over a year ago for a gift. I was going through my breakup w/ my husband and I actually thought it wa sa self-help book! But, I read the book jacket for the first time recently and discovered that it was in fact, a NOVEL! Well, I started in on it one night and the book starts in Amanda's kitchen. Her husband Mark is helping her cook dinner and we're then introduced to Holly, the book's main character. Holly is a divorced (maybe this is why my friend bought me this book---hello, lightbulb moment!!) and 30 years old-ish. She is just at the phase of her life where she is trying to figure it all out--her life didn't turn out the way she imagined and now what? She decides that she is ready for love and adopts a dog from a local shelter. But, this doggy (named Chester) is a special boy and will continue to surprise her throughout the novel. Holly's life takes a turn when she takes on a 22-year old lover for no-strings-attached sex and companionship. Then, Amanda urges Holly to date one of her own ex lovers......hmmmm, dating your friend's ex? That can't work, can it? We also catch up w/ some of Holly's exes: the boyfriend before her ex husband, and then her exhusband. In the middle of all of this, we learn more about Holly's career as a tween sitcom's writer. Her writing partner, a financially unstable and drug addicted gay man, has some adventures of his own in this book. This novel is short, but man, does it have a lot of content in it and it certainly reads quickly. There were even moments when I laughed out loud during it. Sarah Dunn is a very talented writer and I look forward to reading more of her work!

I hope you enjoy these as much as I did!!!

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