Sunday, July 11, 2010

Gladiolus Glee!

I planted a ton of gladiolus bulbs this year and here are the two that are right outside of my front door. I planted them on May 22. Today is July 11. So, it's taken them 7 weeks to be in full bloom! These get a lot of sun and the soil is pretty rich, so that is why I think they've bloomed first. I have many more that are out back, but are probably a week or 10 days behind these guys!

The glads grow into leafy stalks like this (these are ones currently in my backyard. I have no photos of the ones I'm showing here in bloom when they were stalks)

Then, then a tubular stalk comes out of the middle that looks like scales on a fish....then the scales split and break apart, with colored blooms starting to poke through. July 6:

July 8: the first blooms appeared in the morning sunshine!

July 11: Almost the whole stalk has bloomed. They are a bit heavy and after a pretty hefty rain storm yesterday, they were starting to topple a bit, so I stabilized them w/ a stake.

I hope you've enjoyed this walk down Gladiolus Lane!!!

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