Sunday, May 2, 2010

Spring time planters!

Hey everybody!

I hit up a local nursery and Lowe's today for some planting goodies. Needless to say, the local nursery FAR surpasses big box stores' selection of annuals & perennials. But, the box stores are far superior for potting soil varieties, rocks for drainage, and grass seed for my patchy grub-ridden lawn--(that issue is to come in an upcoming post!)

Here are some lovely planters that I got at a local chain, Ocean State Job Lot for about $10.99 each (yes, huge deal!) and some railing planters I ordered on for $14 each (they are awesome! You have so many options: railing size, shape of planter, and color! Links are below!

I planted a variety of vinca vine, impatiens, double impatiens, begonias, and daisies.

It will be interesting to compare these photos with new ones in a few weeks after the baby flowers have taken roots in their planters!

Amazon Seller: Apollo Plastics Deck Railing Planter (24 inches; 2x6 railing; mocha colored) $13.55 a planter!

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