Sunday, December 12, 2010

Decorated for Christmas!

Yesterday, I put up my tree and rearranged my focal point shelf on the main wall of my living room. I need to grab some pillar candles for the crystal candle holders next to the mirrors.

Also, as a single woman in my house alone, I have a fake tree. I bought a pre-lit $100-ish tree last year. I've always had a real tree my entire life and the three Christmases my ex and I lived together, we had a real one as well. It pains me to have an artificial tree; however, it was really easy to put up and since I'm the only one putting it up and taking it down, fake the way to go for me!

Lastly, I did not buy one single NEW thing this year for decor. Last year, I bought the tree and ornaments for the apothecary jars and more. This year, I'm trying to save some cash and just make due with what I own already. It sure is tough, though, to walk through the holiday decor area at Target, so I try to avoid it!

And, one of my favorite ornaments, which pays homage to one of my favorite places & hobbies:

Happy Holidays, all!!!

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