Sunday, December 5, 2010

Living Room Refresh

Just a few changes I've made in the last month or so....

I LOVED my green rug from Pottery barn for my living room, but turns out my pets' hair/fur liked it more and I could see every bit of golden retriever fur and white cat fur all of the time! Also, one of my kitties really thought the rug was a scratching post.......hmmmm....which was the pits for a $300 rug!

So, I got this number from Target for around $100 and I feel like if my kitty takes a liking to this one, then I won't be out so much money if I have to replace it! Also, while I do vacuum twice a week or so, this color works much better for dog and cat fur. Yes, it may stain easier if I spill red wine or something, but for day-to-day, it is a better color choice for me!

I grabbed some clearance pillows and a few 20% off ones from Pier 1 last week and decided on a sapphire/teal with purple combo, inspired by the small rectangular pillow!

PS, my 3rd date was fab and last night, there was a 4th!


  1. The new rug and pillows look great!

  2. Did you know our rug is stain resistant??? I remember seeing it on the label when I unrolled it, and I've actually already spilled some food on it and it came right up! Yet again, another fabulous score from Target!

    Love the new pillows too!