Saturday, April 24, 2010

Yard updates....

April 23:

1. Did the first mow of the front yard
2. Spread insect disease killer
3. Spread Scotts Turfbuilder
4. Weeded front yard flower beds
5. Planted spring blooming perennials
6. Planted summer blooming perennial bulbs

April 24:
1. Mowed the yard
2. ATTACKED the overgrown, weedy flower beds. Here are the pics....

Note: the old woman who lived in my house since 1953 and raised 7 children (yes, 7 children!) in it has LOVELY perennials and an actual flower cutting garden. However, she went into a nursing home about 4 years ago. Then, her adult son lived here for a year and according to my neighbors, didn't do much with the back yard at all. Then, last summer when I had just moved in, I focused on my indoors and front yard only. This year, since I don't have may "indoor expenses," I am focusing mainly on the outdoors, and definitely on making my backyard with its fabulous space and deck to be a little sanctuary for reading over the summer time. It took me about 2 hours, but I cleared out all of the weeds, leaves, and crapolla!

Before 1: (leaf bags that I did a week ago before major rain, great! And, our local trash guys aren't picking up leaf/yard bags yet!)

Whew! Cannot wait to plant some leafy green shrubs and flowers!

BEFORE 2: Other side of the deck. This flower bed is HUGE!!!


  1. Thanks for visiting my blog! Your garden project looks interesting, I'm looking forward to seeing how it all turns out. I'm also very excited for you about your new life..sounds like you've got lots going on! Rachaelxx

  2. Thanks, Rachael! It has been pretty exciting to do a whole new yard and flower bed scheme!!! I felt locked into my old house's look, so this is a pretty great opportunity!