Tuesday, August 2, 2011

House paint is done, just waiting on those shutters....

Hey everybody! The painters finished my house this week and I'm just waiting on my new black shutters to arrive from architecturaldepot.com!

To remind you, the BEFORE (and this is w/ the old rusty colored roof)

And now, the AFTER with a new roof with architectural shingles in "Driftwood" and exterior paint in "Brown Teepee" by Behr. Black shutters, a new mailbox, and lighting to come soon--but I wanted to post an update now! Let's not talk about how i opted for no impatiens this year and my flower beds lack major color...ugh. The zinnias are doing great, but they are hard to see from far away!

Here's a before and after of the back of the house:



Hmmm, next I need to do something about those unsightly (and seemingly functionless) cinder blocks under the deck. I'm thinking a wood lattice panel.


  1. Amazing improvements! I guess the new roof and the back of the house are the two biggest improvements you’ve made. I love the new color of the roof. It’s more natural and it matches pretty nicely with the siding color. Well done!

  2. This is just proof that a simple paint can really change the outside appearance of the house. I’ve read your recent blogs and found out that you also have great interior design. You must be a very happy home owner. :)

    -- Kermit Lukacs

  3. I can agree with the previous comments that you’ve had an amazing improvement after the painting. It’s very pleasing to look at your exteriors, and I guess your neighbors admire your house very much. By the way, I hope you’ll be able to do some gardening since I can see that you have a wide space in your backyard. :)