Tuesday, August 9, 2011


Here's an update.....Well, after peeling the tape on the test wall, I deemed it a success!

I turned the corner...literally! I've just started taping on the other side of the window and I ran out a tape and am almost out of the "Wheat Bread" stripe color (I clearly underestimated my supply demands--I only bought one quart of the wheat bread and I probably had enough to do the first coat of the next wall, but not 2 coats on the rest of the walls.) PS, the lighting is bad because I used my iPhone for these pics and not my regular camera w/ a flash.


To the other side of the window! Using the lower stripe line to keep both sides of the window consistent. Fingers crossed!

Step by step.....day by day! I'll get there! I have 2 weeks until school starts back up and this room will be done!

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