Monday, August 8, 2011

This is what I've been up to...

....and I'm super exhausted already and it's not even close to being completed yet!

I have always been drawn to striped walls like these:

Now, all I needed was tape, paint, and patience. The kicker in never embarking on this process was the patience factor...

Last week, my inspiration was sparked by a friend's room that she just completed featuring gorgeous striped walls. She made it look so easy and gorgeous, I was set on biting the bullet and copying her look!

I decided the guest bedroom was the place to try this experiment. Here is a recent photo of the guest bedroom with its original seller's blue walls:

Here is where I am at so far...I painted the walls "Chocolate Froth" by Behr (2 coats):

Then, I taped the wall (ONE wall so far) ....I marked the wall in 8 inch intervals 4x across the width of the wall. Then, tried to line of the tape so it was level. THIS was the most frustrating part of the project (as I expected it would be and ultimately, the reason why I've never tried this project before!) I marked with a random piece of tape the areas that would be painted so I would remember to put the tape either below or above the 8 inch mark points. The main problem is that your eye starts to play optical illusions with the tape lines and they start to move and....needless to say, I kept obsessing with my level and measuring tape (and a few curse words here and there!)

Then, I rolled the color "Wheat Bread" (the next color down on the Behr paint chip). The frog tape kept peeling up because it's humid out today, so I had to press it down firmly again just before rolling. I used a brush to do the sides around the edges. The first coat is drying as we speak and I will apply the second coat later tonight (as I have to leave soon to go to a meeting at work and then teach a spin class!).

Hopefully, tonight after I do the second coat & peel the tape, I will love it so much, the remaining walls will be taped and follow in suit....but, I can't make any guarantees! That is why I only did one wall right now. If I hate it and deem myself "unfit to tape stripes properly" I will just paint over the wall again in Chocolate Froth...

We shall see what the future brings!


  1. Ohh! I think it's going to look great! That's further than I would have gotten. Just looking at all that measuring and taping makes me want to break out in hives!

  2. I did this once in my bathroom, a much smaller scale than the bedroom but it's definitely a project. I have one tip for you that I didn't figure out until the last wall--after you put the tape on the wall, use a plastic putty knife on the edges of the tape to really get it smooth onto the wall. The stripes on that wall came out much smoother than the other three. Good luck!! Can't wait to see how it looks!