Saturday, August 6, 2011

I hate waiting.... I put up the new front step lights myself rather than calling someone (why I did this on an 85 degree day that is hazy, hot, and insanely humid---well, muggy as all Hell--I don't know!)

Man, this took longer than I thought as the screws that came w/ the fixtures were too long to make the light flush up against the house and I had to hunt through my stash of supplies to find some suitable substitutes. Anyway, an hour later, I had both lights up on either side of the front step. Again, as I mentioned in an earlier post last week, they were $39.97 by Hampton Bay at Home Depot. There was a larger size, maybe I should've gotten those, but I feel like they look a bit smaller in this dimly lit photo from my iPhone. But, I do love their styling and they're not too small--there were certainly smaller lanterns at Home Depot for sure. I also checked Lowe's and didn't really love their selection of exterior lights.

Here is a before & after of the front door w/ paint, new mailbox (14.99 from Home Depot), and lighting:

I also installed the floodlight w/ motion detection on the back deck. The challenge here was the old light was wedged under one of the wood shake siding shingles. I had to tilt the new fixture to fit it into place where the old one was. 

After all was said and done, I was so happy when I turned on the breaker and the lights worked!

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