Monday, August 15, 2011

Ta-Da, they are done!

Whewwwwwwww! I feel like I just went down the hill on a rollercoaster!!!

Just over one week later, the stripes are done! This project didn't take me one solid week, but I gave myself plenty of time to do it because I just knew it would be extremely tedious. Actually, Wed-Sat this past week were gorgeous summer days here and I didn't pick up my paintbrush once. Ultimately, I worked Sun, Mon, Tues, Sun, Mon on it.

I was excited to get the room back in working order today after finishing the second coat on the last wall, so here is a pic I captured just a short while ago. The accessorizing is basic, nothing too overblown or with anything new. From the start, I intended to keep the existing white bedding and bubble shades (both from Target), but I switched out the curtain rods (to ones I already owned, but never put up in this house, so no cost there).

Again, a look at the before w/ the seller's blue walls:

And, NOW!

Colors: Behr's Chocolate Froth (lighter color) & Wheat Bread (darker color)
Supply: Used about 2/3 of one gallon of Chocolate Froth (2 coats); Almost 2 full quarts of Wheat Bread (2 coats); 2.5 rolls of 1-inch Frog tape

What did I learn from this project?

  • My ceiling isn't quite level. This was challenging for measuring the first set of stripes from the top of the wall. The eye wants to see them the same distance from the top of the ceiling the whole way around this room AND intersect window frames from the same point on each side--uh, tough to do.
  • Frog tape rocks to make clean tape lines. It's very tough, though, to maneuver in high humidity and loses its adhesiveness quickly if you mess with it a lot, causing it to buckle and peel a little. So, you've got to press the tape down tightly just before rolling the paint on.
  • Patience and taking breaks made this possible. My only goal was to finish it before I went back to school on August 23. Accomplished! This is not a weekend job--at least not for me!
  • I don't know if I would do this again.
  • I'd have to have a pretty darned good reason to EVER paint this room again!
  • I love the final product---a lot!!!
  • I really love Home Depot, but I strongly dislike Behr paint. For the base color, I used their new "Ultra" paint, which boasts about its built-in primer. This paint did not offer any higher quality coverage than paint I had used before. In fact, basic Benjamin Moore paint has better coverage than this paint. Then, when I painted the darker stripes, I used the regular Behr paint. It was very thin. Two coats were a must. I had a store credit for Home Depot and that is mainly why I used Behr paint. In the future, I'll definitely go back to Benjamin Moore and save my store credit for other things.

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